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**** US President Donald Trump has cast doubt on a report by his own government warning of devastating effects from climate change. Asked about the findings that unchecked global warming would wreak havoc, he said: "I don't believe it."
**** What an irresponsible president!
The federal government of the United States just published a report on Global warming that will leave no doubt in most readers about the magnitude of the global climate disaster already in motion, produced by greenhouse emissions, as a result of the intensive use of fossil fuels in the last eight decades. Most of the governments of the planet have recognized the gravity of this threat, except the U.S. government, led by President Donald Trump. In a politically driven action President Trump has dismantled all environmental provisions made by previous U.S. administrations and has withdrawn from the Paris Accord on Global Warming, while encouraging the full development of fossil fuels, recognized as the main culprit of global warming.
In this report the technical and scientific members of the federal government have described, in an unmistakable manner, the reasons why global warming has resulted in death and destruction in the U.S. and around the planet and are calling for immediate actions to protect what could still be protected. The disaster is already upon us.
Will someone act and make President Trump understand that he has been one of the main promoters of this disaster with his unfortunate decisions?  He is already guilty of gross negligence in this tragic situation. Unfortunately, in a deeply politicized society, split down the middle into democrats and republicans, “progressives” and “conservatives”, extremists of the right and extremists of the left, his followers have accepted his uninformed posture as a matter of dogma and refuse to see, in spite of all the evidence, the magnitude of the tragedy.
                              EXCERPTS FROM THE REPORT
                   READ IT HERE:
Earth’s climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities. The impacts of global climate change are already being felt in the United States and are projected to intensify in the future—but the severity of future impacts will depend largely on actions taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to the changes that will occur.
Observations collected around the world provide significant, clear, and compelling evidence that global average temperature is much higher, and is rising more rapidly, than anything modern civilization has experienced, with widespread and growing impacts (Figure 1.2) (CSSR, Ch. 1.9). The warming trend observed over the past century can only be explained by the effects that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases, have had on the climate (Ch. 2: Climate, KM 1 and Figure 2.1).
This report draws a direct connection between the warming atmosphere and the resulting changes that affect Americans’ lives, communities, and livelihoods, now and in the future. It documents vulnerabilities, risks and impacts associated with natural climate variability and human-caused climate change across the United States and provides examples of response actions underway in many communities. It concludes that the evidence of human-caused climate change is overwhelming and continues to strengthen, that the impacts of climate change are intensifying across the country, and that climate-related threats to Americans’ physical, social, and economic well-being are rising. 
Observed Change
Observations from around the world show the widespread effects of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations on Earth’s climate. High temperature extremes and heavy precipitation events are increasing. Glaciers and snow cover are shrinking, and sea ice is retreating. Seas are warming, rising, and becoming more acidic, and marine species are moving to new locations toward cooler waters. Flooding is becoming more frequent along the U.S. coastline. Growing seasons are lengthening, and wildfires are increasing. These and many other changes are clear signs of a warming world (Figure 1.2) (Ch. 2: Climate, Box 2.2App. 3: Data & Scenarios, see also the USGCRP Indicators and EPA Indicators websites).
Causes of Change
Scientists have understood the fundamental physics of climate change for almost 200 years. In the 1850s, researchers demonstrated that carbon dioxide and other naturally occurring greenhouse gases in the atmosphere prevent some of the heat radiating from Earth’s surface from escaping to space: this is known as the greenhouse effect. This natural greenhouse effect warms the planet’s surface about 60°F above what it would be otherwise, creating a habitat suitable for life. Since the late 19th century, however, humans have released an increasing amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere through burning fossil fuels and, to a lesser extent, deforestation and land-use change. As a result, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, the largest contributor to human-caused warming, has increased by about 40% over the industrial era. This change has intensified the natural greenhouse effect, driving an increase in global surface temperatures and other widespread changes in Earth’s climate that are unprecedented in the history of modern civilization.
 The unambiguous long-term warming trend in global average temperature over the last century cannot be explained by natural factors alone. Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are the only factors that can account for the observed warming over the last century; there are no credible alternative human or natural explanations supported by the observational evidence. Without human activities, the influence of natural factors alone would actually have had a slight cooling effect on global climate over the last 50 years (Ch. 2: Climate, KM 1Figure 2.1).

The attitude of President Trump is criminal

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david1952000 dijo...

Climate change has unfortunately become a political scare tactic to influence voters through terror and is also a profitable business for those doing the climate research and publishing reports and flying to book signings. If you don't find climate change evidence, you're out of a job fast and labeled a monster. If you do, you're a big hero whether you're lying or not. There are 1 BILLION people driving cars and trucks on diesel and gas and 80% of electricity is generated by fossil fuels. Who is willing to quit driving? Who will turn off their air conditioning or their refrigerator? Who will buy an electric car and put solar panels on the roof? What countries will shut down their factories? FEW TO NO ONE! Will OPEC quit drilling? NO!!! If you do not change consumer habits on a MASSIVE scale, global warming is here to stay, and all the silly carbon taxes and ineffective crap proposed by vote-hungry politicians will do absolutely nothing while human population keeps growing and more countries industrialize. This is the proverbial tiger by the tail.

Anónimo dijo...

Attitudes don't change anything. What somebody believes is not criminal, it's what they do. What you believe is your business. There is no easy fix for this problem and the blame lies with the human race, not with some politician you don't like. The left is actually trying to criminalize what you think!!!! 1984 is here!

Gustavo Coronel dijo...

Amazing responses. Sad too,

Rose Ponce dijo...

You are the one that is pathetic, Mr. Coronel.

This report is nothing but headlines to goad useful idiots to write things like: Mr. Trump is Criminal!!!

So 80 years from now there will be a 3% decrease in the GDP, I'll take that as very good news, 3% decrease eighty years from now is nothing compared to spending trillions now! (and to achieve nothing).

The report does not take into account any future technological advances. Can you think of what doomsayers where thinking 80 years ago, in 1938 what the world would be in 2018? Could they have predicted the advances in medicine? in space technology? in productivity in agriculture?

A couple of years ago, just after Trump won the election but before he was inaugurated, the "bureaucracy" produced another report by "17" security agencies stating that "the russians" had interfered with the election. The report, if you read it, had nothing, absolutely nothing. It was just produced to generate headlines and allow people like yourself the talking point that Trump was an illegitimate president.

You fail to see in your blind hatred of Trump the takeover of the Federal government bureaucracy by the left, the one that produced this silly report just to injure his administration. For someone coming from Venezuela that failure is what is criminal.

Anónimo dijo...

Wow, Congratulations Coronel, now die-hard Trump fans are are reading your posts. Problem with them, is that are like Chavistas: you can't argue with them because whatever their Supreme Leader says, is the sacred truth, no matter what it is, and anyone that doesn't agree is their enemy; and, as the Chavistas, they don't challenge the message, but attack the messenger, as you may see in their posts. Well, dealing with Chavistas is nothing new for you, so these are not unchartered waters for you. Take care.