jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

The Venezuelan national budget for 2014

Paragraph taken from Miguel Octavio’s blog: www.thedevilsexcrement.com:   

[In his presentation of the national budget for 2014] , finance minister Nelson Merentes "proposed to issue debt in the amount of Bs. 112.7 billion in 2014, which is an amount almost identical to the projected income of the Government from oil, which will be, according to the same presentation Bs. 114.59 billion in 2014. Think about it, the Government will issue debt equal to the amount of money it will receive from oil. Talk about being irresponsible".

My comment on what Miguel says:

Since most of the oil income will be needed for government expenses this means that Venezuela will be acquiring a new load of debt that will take a bigger percentage of our future income to pay back. At this moment the Venezuelan debt already represents about 60% of the GDP.

If this is not a reason to intervene this government immediately I just don’t know what is. I call on the Venezuelan nation to put an end to this madness by any possible means.
Please,  short of assassination, since I do not believe in killing animals.


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