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David Rothkopf's Foreign Policy sides with the Venezuelan dictatorship

Poor ethics, worse strategy

We go to Google to know what Foreign Policy has said about Leopoldo Lopez and find the name of the magazine together with some of the most unsavory publications that defend the dictatorial and corrupt regime that has destroyed Venezuela. Thrown together with the likes of, The Nation, an extremist group of lawyers called NLG, a mercenary site called axisoflogic and the Venezuelan regime TV station called Telesur, Foreign Policy has joined the ranks of the defenders of the rotten dictatorship that has already lasted 16 agonizing years in Venezuela. See list below:’s-savi...
The Nation
Jul 29, 2015 - Roberto Lovato has just published a great investigative essay in Foreign Policy on Leopoldo Lopez, the jailed darling of Venezuela's opposition. Lopez is celebrated in the US press as a cross between Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.
Jul 30, 2015 - Resumen Latinoamericano/ 28 de Julio 2015.- Con el sugerente título de The Making of Leopoldo Lopez (La fabricación de Leopoldo Lopez, ...
Aug 20, 2015 - Ben Pauker, Executive Editor, Foreign Policy ... by Foreign Policy on July 27, 2015, “The Making of Leopoldo Lopez” by Roberto Lovato.
Democracy Now!
Aug 5, 2015 - We speak with Roberto Lovato about his new piece in Foreign Policy. Lovato is a writer and visiting scholar at the UC Berkeley Center for ...
Jul 28, 2015 - Venezuela: Leopoldo Lopez still in jail, FP fails ... links to Roberto Lovato's lengthy article in Foreign Policy, The Making of Leopoldo Lopez
By Roberto Lovato - Foreign Policy , Jul 27th 2015 ... Robert Lovato delves into Leopoldo Lopez's checkered past from his elite US education to his suspected  ...
The Huffington Post
"My husband, Leopoldo Lopez, is in prison for saying what all of Venezuela wanted to .... Read More: Maduro Protest Resign, Leopoldo Lopez.. man/publish/Article_71197.shtml
Aug 5, 2015 - That is why I was shocked that Foreign Policy published Roberto Lovato's lengthy and devastating exposé of Leopoldo Lopez. When Desmond  ...
Aug 4, 2015 - That is why I was shocked that Foreign Policy published Roberto Lovato's lengthy and devastating exposé of Leopoldo Lopez. When Desmond  ...

Aug 22, 2015 - Foreign Policy descubre inconsistencias de un Leopoldo López fabricado por los medios estadounidenses | La Tabla  ...

What is very sad about this is that FP was not aligned with the Venezuelan dictatorship until several weeks ago, when it published the piece by a sandalista called Roberto Lovato, a hatchet job with abundant factual errors that had been one year in the making, giving FP plenty of time to check out the facts. 
 Financed by The Nation Institute, Lovato has written a piece designed to keep Leopoldo Lopez in prison, when the rest of the world is demanding his freedom. And Foreign Policy, of all publications, has been the vehicle that has served as vehicle for this despicable job.
The barrage of propaganda about this piece in media ideologically sold to the Venezuelan dictatorship proves that the FP publication was part of a carefully coordinated effort to harm Lopez, with the money of Venezuelans which is being illegally used by the regime to attack its opponents.
Almost every decent lover of democracy in the hemisphere knows that Leopoldo Lopez is a political prisoner, kept in jail without a proper and fair trial and under torture. Every one, it seems, except David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy’s CEO and main responsible for letting this piece of trash on Lopez appear in the pages of his magazine.
The unfortunate decision by Rothkopf has been accompanied by a rude disregard for the comments opposing the piece, which have not been given an opening in the pages of the publication. This is the case with my letter to the Editor, sent about three weeks ago and that, up to now, it has not even been acknowledged.  
Ethically and strategically, Rothkopf’s move has been disastrous. Siding with a corrupt and abusive political regime is always unethical but doing it at the time in which the regime is imploding is strategically ridiculous. During the last months the Nicolas Maduro regime has been collapsing, food and medicines unavailable to the people, armed gangs imposing their criminal rules in many cities, the borders with Colombia now closed and open persecution going on against Colombian citizens living in Venezuela, a conflict with Guyana and the progressive isolation of the regime from civilized international organizations.

I will denounce Foreign Policy’s unethical behavior in all possible venues where I might have the chance to participate and would cancel my subscription if I had one.   

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Jacob Sulzbach dijo...

The editorial and policy outlook of Foreign Policy demonstrates one of the most unfortunate truths about what has happened to the United States over the past two decades.  We have devolved into a nation whose opinions on foreign policy are shaped to a significant degree by a left-leaning media establishment bent on twisting reality through the exclusion of factual reporting and fair analysis.

I have voiced my disgust over such behavior too many times to count.  But my stomach is sickened every time I encounter it anew.

G. Kaplan dijo...

Jacob, absolutely agree. State has been a nest of anti-americanism (that is was I call socialists/communists/liberals) since the 30s. Alger Hiss rings any bells? But I go further. Hollywood, the Media, the Federal bureaucracy, the Courts it is a complete disaster.
Just today Obama renamed the tallest mountain in the USA, who else do you think would have done something like that? Does it remind you of anyone? And why did he do it? Because McKinley was "imperialist".
The IRS staffed with Obama supporters exchanges confidential donor information of anti gay marriage group with the gay supporting groups, the IRS harasses and delays tax exempt status to hundreds of conservative groups and the FBI and the Dept. of Justice look the other way. In what other country does this kind of thing happen?
And the media also looks the other way and complain about the only TV outlet that does not toe the line and threaten with pulling the license. Does that remind you of Globovision?
And how about the pathetic Republican opposition that does not do anything to stop the lawlessness for fear of the media. Does it remind you of any another opposition to the south?

What kills me is that Mr. Coronel does not seem to see this happening in the country that took him in. He feels that Republicans are horrible and Obama is hmmm sort-of OK.
Mr. Coronel should be sounding the alarm right in Virgina but he isn't.
The sad part is that he will end up living in the same third world hellhole in Virginia that he left behind in Venezuela.

Gustavo dijo...

How could Mr. Kaplan get the idea that I think Republicans are "terrible"? Where have I said this?
In this wonderful country that has received me with open arms I see a political environment which is far removed from the wonderful bipartisan approach of the last century, where the great issues were discussed in an atmosphere of high decor and tolerance. This is no longer the case. I see Democrats and republicans ideologically entrenched as never before. I am by nature a conservative, a republican but I have no patience for clowns like Trump or for Hillary's false persona. I am a modrate Republican, whatever this means. I would love to see a statesman in the White House.
In this blog, by the way, I have been very critical of Mr. Obamas's policy towards Latin America. I am so absorbed by Venezyuelan politics that I have not attempted to discuss U.S. domestic policy.

G. Kaplan dijo...

Gustavo, I am one of your greatest fans. I read you "religiously" and agree with absolutely everything you say about Venezuela.

But you call yourself a "moderate Republican" whatever this means". I find that vagueness unusual as you have strong opinions and you should know what "moderate" means, but maybe find it uncomfortable to define.

Let me ask you: are you a "moderate" when it comes to Venezuelan issues?

Do you think a "moderate" is going to resolve the Venezuelan crisis?

Do you think the "statesman" you would love to see in the White House can be a moderate?

You are absorbed with Venezuela you say so you are not up to speed in US domestic policy. I can see that. But domestic policy is where its at.

Virginia is where you live now and that little paradise of yours is changing as well as the entire United States is changing and you -especially you because of your experience and because of your talent and great communication skills- you have the credibility to sound the alarm about the parallels between Obama, the Democratic party and the US sycophantic media and Chavez, the PSUV and VTV et all.

Just like in Venezuela we have in the US a "moderate" opposition that always ends up validating what the administration does.

The way they stuffed the courts with ideological comrades. They way Obama uses Executive Powers -powers that every other president had but he is using them in violation of the spirit of Executive Powers to completely bypass Congress so he ends up doing whatever he wants just like Chavez/Maduro did/do.

But you don't have time for domestic policy, besides you are a "moderate" whatever that means. What is means Mr. Coronel is that you prefer to "avert your eyes" at the "clowns", at the "extremists" that are desperate at the direction we are going. But they are too vulgar for your taste.

Thanks for nothing.