jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

A second letter, this time from lawyers of Davos Financial Advisors

I think it is fair that I publish this letter from Davos Financial Advisors lawyers that is self-explanatory:

 Re:      Cease and Desist Demand Regarding False and Defamatory Publications by, and through, www.lasarmasdecoronel.blogspot.com

Mr. Coronel:

Our firm represents Davos Financial Advisors, LLC, a Florida corporation licensed to do business in Florida and New York (“DFA”). On or about April 8, 2014 you published an article on your blog, www.lasarmasdecoronel.blogspot.com, entitled “Derwick Associates has an account in Davos International Bank.” Therein, you have made statements and conclusions that are not true and which appear intended solely to portray our client, Davos Financial Advisors, LLC and its Manager, Mr. Andres Coles (collectively, the “Client”), in a false light. By way of this letter we demand your immediate retraction, and/or that you publish this letter so that DFA can itself correct your statements.

As our client explained to you, Davos Financial Advisors, LLC is a limited liability company with ownership, services, and management distinct from the ownership of Davos International Bank (the “Bank”). DFA is not the Bank, an entity licensed and regulated in Antigua. DFA also is not the “Davos Group” (a brand name and not an entity) nor the “Davos organization” a generic reference to the distinct companies forming part of the Davos Group. Davos Financial Advisors, LLC reiterates that it maintains a separate corporate existence and has no past or present business relationship with Derwick Associates (“Derwick”).

In an attempt to discredit DFA’s disclaimer of any relationship with Derwick, your article mischaracterizes the nature of DFA and suggests purported business ties to Derwick which is false and unsubstantiated. The article presents our client in a false light which could damage its business relations and public image, and should be immediately retracted.

            In accordance with Florida law, we demand that you immediately cease and desist from publishing any further defamatory statements regarding our Davos Financial Advisors, LLC and its management. All rights to pursue our Client’s legal remedies and seek redress for the damaging and libelous publications are hereby reserved. You may respond to the undersigned (phone: 305.416.3180/ email:  cmb@lydeckerdiaz.com) to discuss the best way to resolve this ongoing violation of our Client’s rights.  PLEASE GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY.

Very truly yours,

Carla M. Barrow, Esq.
NOTE: Dear Ms, Barrow:
I take due notice from this letter that Davos Financial Advisors and Davos International Bank are totally separate entities, which is what I said in the first place, when I quoted Mr. Coles. I also said in my post that when I entered the website of the Davos International Bank I saw a reference to Davos Financial Advisors. In my ignorance of the world of finance, I thought they were under the same ownership. If this is not the case I apologize.  
Gustavo Coronel 

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Jacob Sulzbach dijo...

I think two things are worth noting here:  1) In spite of the claims of Davos Financial Group that Derwick and Associates is not one of their clients, I do not see any disavowal on their part of the original allegation of Otto J. Reich in his lawsuit filed last year, that PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez, family-connected Javier Andres Alvarado Pardi, and Venezuelan Minister of Basic Industries and Mining Rodolfo Sanz received millions of dollars in kickbacks through transactions managed from accounts at J.P. Morgan and Davos Financial Group.

See the following document of the original filing of Reich's lawsuit; Items 54, 65, and 76 for the specific allegations which named Davos Financial Group as one of the institutions Derwick and Associates used to facilitate wire transfers:

Reich vs Betancourt et al.

And 2) There has been no publication I can find of the dismissal of Reich's lawsuit which, according to the latest information I have retrieved from web searches, now stands awaiting a trial date:

Jury trial demanded in Reich vs Betancourt et al.

I am reading a whole lot of intimidation from Davos Financial Group, but almost no attention to factual details.

Intimidation has an unpleasant odor about it.

Anónimo dijo...

See this stipulation and consent to issuance by the Office of the Controller of the currency US regulators agains Mr.Osio.

Check this out