viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017

President Trump’s ethical problems extend to his inner circle

President Trump keeps violating rules of good manners and presidential decorum. He did it before he was president and this was already bad enough but he is still doing it after being president and that is tragic
Two further examples:
After the Department store Nordstrom decided not to buy his daughter’s jewelry and clothing on commercial grounds, due to its poor sales, President Trump went on Twitter to say:
My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person -- always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!

When the president says that Nordstrom is unfair, I am sure many of his followers will boycott the store. He is, therefore, using his office for the wrong purposes.

After the judge he nominated for magistrate of the Supreme Court said that Trump’s twitters about judges were “demoralizing” and “disheartening”, President Trump attacked the senator who had met with the nominee and called him a liar. He did not attack the message, he attacked the messenger.

This lack of elegance and ethics now extends to his closest collaborators. Ms. Kellyanne Conway, one of President Trump’s senior advisers, just said the following in a TV interview, in reference to Nordstrom and Trump’s daughter:
"Go buy Ivanka's stuff," Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, told Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy. Ivanka Trump has a "wonderful line," Conway added. "I own some of it. I fully, I'm gonna just going to give a free commercial here. Go buy it today everybody. You can find it online."
Again, this is wrong. This lady, in a very high government position, is plugging a commercial brand on television, in a program in which she was acting in her official capacity as Trump’s senior adviser.
This is not the way a president should behave. The Court of appeals just rejected, 3-0, his executive order on the Muslim Ban. He simply twitted a rejection of this decision, while some of his followers already speak of a politicized Judicial System in America. One of the institutions that should be protected and respected by the Executive Power is the Judicial Power. When this respect begins to fail the country is in danger.

While this pitiful drama develops the real political enemies of the United States: North Korea, Russia, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, are sitting by ring side, enjoying it.  

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F J Baptista dijo...

President Trump hasn't made the transition from candidate to POTUS. Since he has never been in politics at this new level and has been in office less than a month, I would hope someone is giving him some advice of how he needs to begin acting. Unfortunately he was successful with his Tweets as candidate, and he feel he needs to continue using it to jump over the mainstream media that hates him. This makes him answer by shooting from the hip, which is never good. His words have a lot of power and importance now that he is president.
I hope he will find a good balance in the next couple of months. Fingers crossed!

Anónimo dijo...

Ayer en CNN ya alguno de los entrevistados sobre el tema judicial dijo que si Trump sigue en esa línea, tiene un Impeachment en su futuro. Parece muy temprano para sacar a colación el tema, pero creo que a este clown hay que detenerlo y ya el issue está en agenda. También se ha dicho "esto no es una república bananera", y no lo es. A ver si agarra mínimo y aprende un oficio que parece quedarle grande.

Ahora trump apunta contra el narcotráfico y el crimer organizado, lo que sí sería una causa con apoyo. Veremos.

Anónimo dijo...

he better shape up or really run the danger of being impeached.......He loves to pick a fight with anybody and that is not right.........hopefully he will learn to be presidential really soon before he gets us all in trouble.........

Anónimo dijo...

I am convinced they might be enjoying all of Trump, until something against them!

Otherwise they will be enjoying no Trump, simple!