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In this article linked above Roy Carson tries to insult me by calling me "old"and "a fan of 25 year old whisky". I confess to being guilty of both crimes. To be old is inevitable, unless you die before your time. Whisky I consider a marvelous invention of the Scottish (with poor Irish imitations). To like 25 year old whisky is a bit difficult as I have seen 8, 12, 24 year old and older whiskies but I have never seen a 25 year old whisky bottle. Churchill also liked whisky, so did General Grant. As for me, I have essentially given it up, since I can no longer afford it. I now drink moderately priced red wines but no one has ever seen me drunk or kowtowing to dictators.
Carson, the confused mercenary, goes on in his article (linked to above) to talk about "Chavez's dreams of an egalitarian society" and about "his fight against corruption". Is Carson a liar or a moron? (or both?). How can Chavez "dream"of an "egalitarian society" when he has divided Venezuelan society into two irreconciliable halves? When he excludes the half of the nation that generates wealth to give handouts to the other half that remains totally dependent on the big daddy Chavez.

DANIEL O' LEARY: an illustrious Irish name being wrongly used by Carson, just as Bolivar's name is being dragged through the mud by Chavez.

Chavez's fight against corruption? That's a laugh! The man is the most corrupt president Venezuela has ever had, at least since Guzman Blanco. His corruption includes the systematic violation of laws and constitution, use of national assets as if they were his own, nepotism, letting his family and friends steal our money, give money and oil away to his friends, pay hired guns located all over the world to sing his praises, ruin the petroleum company, prostitute the armed forces, align himself and his gang with the FARC, Hizballah and Hamas, embrace Mugabe and Castro as "brothers", impose TV and radio national hookups to talk his bull shit.
Anyone has to be very shameless to call this man a fighter against corruption. What Carson is doing is much worse than growing old or liking whisky.

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