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Michael J. Fitzpatrick, the spokesperson on Venezuela of the U.S.  Department of State has just given a statement on the Venezuelan situation that is deplorable and sadly characteristic of the chaos that prevails in the Trump administration. Fitzpatrick calls the Maduro government a dictatorship but, at the same time, says that it will not recognize the current National Assembly as an alternative government. He simply forgets that this Assembly is the only democratic, legitimate institution in the country.
He calls the government of Maduro “legitimate”, forgetting that his colleagues at the Department of the Treasury have just sanctioned Maduro and designated vice president El Aissami as a money launderer and the Minister of the Interior, Nestor Reverol as a drug trafficker. How can these designations coexist with his definition of Maduro’s regime as legitimate is beyond my imagination.

In a very spineless statement the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere says: “We respect the official government of Venezuela and President Maduro at this time”. Such respect comes in spite of the fact that President Trump has called the regime “a mess”, that the U.S. Congress has been extremely strong in denouncing the regime as abusive and the Treasury Department has classified its main members as criminals.
Although he says that “What we have seen during the last 18 months is a series of decisions and actions by the Venezuelan government (to) stifle democracy, close space for differences of opinion, and attack any organization or group of people who think different and has attacked the political parties, the National Assembly, the Prosecutor's Office and even soldiers who have been detained precisely because they have had differences of opinion”, Mr. Fitzpatrick still defines this rogue regime as legitimate.

Trying to sound vigorous he says: “if Chavismo acts on its threats to remove Venezuela's attorney general, Luisa Ortega Diaz, that would be a step in the wrong direction." Wow! He also says that the arrest of Antonio Ledesma and Leopoldo Lopez has left the State Department “very worried”. What strength, what determination!
He adds: "What we ask the government is that they calm the waters, that they seek a national consensus; not more arrests for differences of opinion and more political prisoners”. He would seem to suggest that the U.S. will not object to the regime keeping its “Constituent Assembly” and that the U.S. would keep mum about the elimination of the current National Assembly. This would be a despicable act of weakness and political cynicism on the part of the U.S. government.
In his statement Mr. Fitzpatrick confirmed that the United States has frozen "about $500 million" in assets held in the U.S. by Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami, who the U.S. sanctioned in February for his ties to drug trafficking. He added: “There are apartments, there are mansions, there are cars, but more than anything, there is a lot of money in financial instruments.... And the question is, if he had this in the United States, what would he have in the Caribbean islands, or in Europe or elsewhere?" he wondered.
This man Mr. Fitzpatrick is talking about is the second person in command in what he, in the same breath, calls a “legitimate government”. I find this frankly incredible.
It is highly disappointing that the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has failed to demonstrate, so far, al, the qualities of fortitude, determination and clarity of vision that made him a successful business tycoon. He looks pallid and distant in the cabinet meetings and has already taken some unscheduled vacations to rest from the strain of what has been, so far, a pretty colorless office.
I feel lucky to be a geologist and not a diplomat in these mediocre times. I can at least study a noble subject.


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Anónimo dijo...

Estamos hundidos. Relaciono esta desgraciada declaracion con los vinculos que unen a Trump con el dictador Putin, co-propietario de Venezuela. Olvidemosnos, entonces, de intervencion militar en Venezuela. Los intereses y negociados valen mas que los principios. Los cubanos dan la orden de reprimir con mayor fuerza. Las vergonzantes FAN encabezadas por un castrista, Padrino, se pliegan. No parece haber cuadros medios decentes. Ramos Allup y Borges vendidos por motivos que ellos sabran.

Puede un pueblo sin dirigentes, sin estrategia y sin armas liberarse y expulsar a los invasores cubanos y deponer a sus marionetas hamponiles?
Como se ha atribuido a algunos toreros al ser interrogados si no temian una cornada: "mas cornadas da el hambre". Ya solo nos queda el hambre y la necesidad de saciarnos puede lograr el milagro. Que Dioa nos ayude.

Anónimo dijo...

What else could you expect from Trump....and we hope he will change his mind sooner than later...

Anónimo dijo...

This has nothing to do with Trump. The State Department bureaucracy has always been unable to get things right when it comes to Latin America. It has happened all through the 20 and 21 century, like the case of Bay of Pigs in Cuba. But don't forget how the missed the Iranian Revolution, the disaster in Lybia, etc.
This is a real problem that continues to be a difficult issue and it has hurt US interests all over the world. To make things worse, there are still a bunch on Hillary and Kerry hold-off in the present State Dept. that have their leftist bend and support the Cuban regime.

Anónimo dijo...

Aparte de los vínculos con Putin y los otros aspectos conexos, tuve la oportunidad de ver unas declaraciones en CNN donde el vocero -no recuerdo quien era- parecía estar a la defensiva en el issue Corea del Norte. ¿Algo que el común de los mortales desconocemos?.

George Thomson dijo...

Ledesma, Ledezmo, y la bola pica y se extiende...!

De veras que no se cual sea el fondo del asunto o meollo bicho!

Pero si se procura siempre se puede intentar solventar los males en el peor de las situaciones.

No obstante, el mundo gira y gira y la vida siguevy es asi... Cómo se pagan deudas que son desconocidas y razones sin razón, para salir de esta situación mala para muchos o pocos en Venepzuela?

Quizas no halla prescedente Histórico exacto o ni exista!...

Anónimo dijo...

Fitz......you are such a "wueiven" (huevon en ingles)....get lost pendejo.