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The battle for Venezuela rages in Washington DC Think Tanks

                                                 (Part I)
La batalla por Venezuela se intensifica en Centros de Reflexión de Washington DC (Parte I)
Yesterday there two events on Venezuela in Washington DC institutions: in one, at the Inter-American Dialogue, Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, hired gun of the Nicolas Maduro, spoke in front of a large audience. In the other, at Freedom House, four members of the Venezuelan opposition: Hilda Ochoa, Diana Lopez, Hector Schamis and myself, spoke about the Venezuelan tragedy, also in front of a large audience. Venezuela has been in the center of international public opinion for some time now, as a social tragedy unfolds due to the disastrous government of the “Chavismo”. We will report on both events, both in English and in Spanish, as we believe the contrast could serve as an illustration of why the Venezuelan catastrophe cannot be solved by conventional political dialogue.
Ayer se llevaron a cabo dos eventos sobre Venezuela en instituciones pensantes de Washington DC: en uno, en el Inter American Dialogue, el vocero pagado de Nicolás maduro, Bernardo Álvarez Herrera, habló frente a una muy numerosa audiencia. En el otro, llevado a cabo en Freedom House, cuatro miembros de la oposición venezolana: Hilda Ochoa, Diana López, Héctor Schamis y el suscrito, describieron la tragedia venezolana, también frente a una numerosa audiencia. Venezuela ha sido objeto de especial atención de la opinión pública internacional por algún tiempo debido a la magnitud de la catástrofe social generada por el desastroso gobierno chavista. Reportaremos ambos eventos, en Inglés y en Español, porque creemos que ilustran la razón por la cual nuestra catástrofe no puede ser solucionada a través del diálogo político convencional.
                            Video Recording of the Event
A large audience met at the Inter-American Dialogue curious to hear what Bernardo Alvarez Herrera could say in defense of the Venezuelan regime. He is now heavier than during his days as ambassador to the White House. He speaks in soft, professorial tone, to give an impression of calm rationality. His words, however, revealed his true nature. This is the essence of what he said:
·       In a recent meeting, he said, they counted 1384 negative notes about Venezuela in the international press, mainly from newspapers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times. There is a concerted international campaign against us, he added, in which some of the opposition (not all) participates. The objective is to call for foreign intervention in Venezuela. In fact, what is happening is a global realization of the magnitude of the Venezuelan horror.  And yes, there are increasing calls for international sanctions, generated by the same feeling of solidarity that makes a third party to intervene to help a woman being raped by a pervert.  
·       He said that the Inter-American Democratic Charter is a soap opera. It has no use in the Venezuelan case. He added that it has no validity in their eyes since OAS is not impartial.  He added, with arrogance, that they had been in power for a long time and they were still there. Alvarez Herrera showed great arrogance and disdain for international public opinion, defining it as an international plot to attack the regime.
·       Regarding the Venezuelan catastrophe he said that this was a situation brought about by their enemies such as DOLLAR TODAY and said that the poor had benefitted much from the government. He added that the referendum was not compulsory and that it could take place but that it would not take place before the end of the year. In that way, he said, even if Maduro was revoked they would keep being in power. He left no doubt that this was the strategy being pursued by the regime.  He refused to admit to government corruption and malpractice as the main reasons for the Venezuelan collapse. He blamed a website called DOLLAR TODAY for the tragedy. He openly admitted that the regime would do all to block the referendum, since, if done before January 2017, this would generate a call for presidential elections and the end for the chavista regime.
·       Almagro, he said, is irresponsible and is playing politics. He added that the report he will produce on Venezuela lacks all validity since it was not requested by the Venezuelan government or by any other member country. He said that since Venezuela is a constitutional democracy there is no need to call for a meeting of the General Asssembly of the organization. Alvarez Herrera did not blush when he denied the existence of an institutional rupture in Venezuela. The truth is that the regime is a dictatorship supported by a corrupt armed force, a narco-state in which high officers are involved in dug trade.   
·       There is no humanitarian crisis, he said, since there is no massive hunger among the population nor huge population displacements. This claim of a humanitarian crisis is part of the campaign of discredit of our enemies. Saying this was a sign of extreme impudence. It is typical of rogue states to lie in the face of all evidence and the Venezuelan regime has been a good disciple of the Castro brothers.
·       He said that a dialogue was possible and mentioned the visit of Lionel Fernandez and Zapatero, promoted by UNASUR, as proof that the regime was willing to dialogue.  At the same time they denied the visit of the Vatican Chancellor and Cabello and Maduro talk every day about the impossibility of a dialogue with the opposition.
·       He said that there will not be a release of political prisoners since they are criminals and justice must be done. Of course, he says this knowing that the trials for the prisoners were fraudulent and that enough evidence of these frauds already exist for the world to see.
What makes these servants of dictators lie in such a despicable manner, in front of audiences which largely know they are lying? What perversion makes them serve an ignorant and cruel dictator when their upbringing should have led them to defend justice, democracy and truth? In Venezuela the High Schools companions of Bernardo Alvarez Herrera (San Ignacio de Loyola School) published a letter denouncing his dishonesty and his treason of the values and principles that he was taught in school. No amount of money or power can be enough to compensate for this humiliating public censorship. Reading the letter I was reminded of the Welch-McCarthy exchange in Congress, in 1954: “Welch to McCarthy:  Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

              Spanish Translation will follow sometime today.  

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Jacob Sulzbach dijo...

The Inter-American Dialogue shows that the Left in North America has learned new tactics over the past few years, especially how to make the poor invisible.  And so long as no one challenges them in open debate, the Left will continue to get away with it.