miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2016

Sanders is an ignorant about Brazil/ Sanders es un ignorante sobre Brasil

Bernie Sanders declared just a few hours ago:
“The effort to remove President Rousseff is not a legal trial but rather a political one. The United States cannot sit silently while the democratic institutions of one of our most important allies are undermined. We must stand up for the working families of Brazil and demand that this dispute be settled with democratic elections.”
Mr. Sanders is extremely ill-informed about the Brazilian situation. What is going on in Brazil is a very democratic and legal process, rarely seen in Latin America. The Brazilian democratic institutions are working and the nation is watching. There is no doubt that after the impeachment process is finished there will be democratic elections in Brazil. Mr. Sanders would do well to keep his mouth shut.
Bernie Sanders declaró hace pocas horas que:
Los esfuerzos por remover a la Presidente Roussef no son legales sino políticos. Los Estados Unidos no deben sentarse en silencio mientras se erosionan las instituciones democráticas de uno de nuestros más importantes aliados. Debemos proteger a las familias trabajadoras de Brasil y exigir que esta disputa se ventile en base a elecciones democráticas”.
El Señor Sanders está muy mal informado sobre la situación en Brasil. Lo que está ocurriendo en Brasil es un proceso legal y democrático, pocas veces visto en América Latina. Las instituciones democráticas brasileñas están haciendo su trabajo y la Nación observa. No hay dudas que después de que el proceso de censura haya terminado habrá elecciones democráticas en Brasil. [Mientras tanto] El Señor Sanders debería callar.
This is his socialism/Este es su socialismo:
Sanders just bought a summer home:
Sanders se acaba de comprar una casa de verano

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Jacob Sulzbach dijo...

I think Bernie Sanders is probably paying off a campaign donor or two who still believe the future of Latin America is Socialist.  I would have to check his donor list to guess who's asking him to speak out, but I'm sure I could find the usual suspects.

Sanders reminds me a lot of Chris Dodd, another ill-informed liberal Democrat who thought that Chavez and Lula da Silva had set a hopeful new course for their countries.


Anónimo dijo...

He is being ill advised.

Anónimo dijo...

Sanders is a senile 60s radical idiot who still thinks Socialism is the magic answer for all the world's ills. These people always stick together no matter what through thick and thin. When he is questioned about Venezuela, he clams up and changes the subject because reality is unacceptable. Picture him at Lenin'side in 1917, herding kulaks into concentration camps at gunpoint. Hopefully democracy will prevail over these destructive idiots and the scourge of revolutionary leftism launched by Fidel Castro in Latin America will die out after both of these old fools and anyone left who follows their hopeless ideologies finally die out.

Anónimo dijo...

Siempre lo sostuve, incluyendo en este blog en el cual varios comentarios hice. El vejete Sanders es un redomado marxista. La otra mala noticia es que ha infectado al partido Demócrata con esa perversa ideología y eso va a tener consecuencias, pues el testigo lo va a agarrar algún joven político infiltardo marxista en próximas elecciones. Se pueden joder los USA. Lo sostengo: a pesar de la abrumadora e irrefutable evidencia, el marxismo-leninismo sigue venciendo en el terreno simbólico. ¿Verdad Venezuela, hoy colonia cubana?

Anónimo dijo...

Sanders must have gone demential!

Sanders tiene que haberse vuelto demente para hablar sin saber!

Anónimo dijo...

Es que ese dia no tomo' su dosis de PROZAC

Boludo Tejano dijo...

Anónimo Anónimo @10 de agosto de 2016, 23:25
Sanders must have gone demential!

Yes, but only in the sense that during his campaign for President Sanders was very good at hiding his previously expressed sympathies for hard-left regimes in Latin America. Bernie Sanders dropped his guard on the impeachment in Brazil.

Which reminds me of my response to Quico's crack at Caracas Chronicles: To tar Bernie supporters with the ills of the Chavez era is to show the kind of slackjawed rightwing simplemindedness that brought us…well, that brought us candidate Trump.

Given the unabashed support that Bernie Sanders has previously given for Castro and for the Sandinistas, it is anything but "slackjawed rightwing simplemindedness" to associate Bernie Sanders with Chavismo. Especially when Bernie Sanders and Maduro have both labeled the impeachment in Brazil as a "coup."
When this is pointed out to Quico, crickets from Quico. Apparently Gods don't answer letters, as John Updike wrote in another context about Ted Williams.