martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

The New York Times calls Delcy Rodriguez stupid

The New York Times elegantly called Venezuelan Foreign Minister stupid

 “Delcy Rodríguez, the [Venezuelan] country’s foreign minister, weighed in with an absurd detail, saying on Twitter that “the international community should know that the coup plan included airstrikes to tactical objectives without distinction of civilians.”

The New York Times is correct. The stupidity of this woman, the sister of corrupt member of the regime, Jorge Rodriguez, is limitless. During President Nicolas Maduro recent and disastrous trip to OPEC countries, Russia and China, this poor woman made a shameful show of her ignorance and clumsiness. In Russia she managed her president being received by a third rate bureaucrat in a small room, since she neglected to tell the Russians they were coming. 
Así recibieron al payaso en Rusia. Sabían que iba a pedir dinero

During the trip the spokesperson for Maduro was not her clumsy foreign minister but Jacqueline Faria, a perverse but competent woman who plays many roles in the regime.
How is it possible for this stupid woman Rodriguez to claim that the so-called coup planned to include airstrikes without distinction of civilians?  The whole country is laughing ( and crying) about this bunch of clowns in power.
Fortunately, they are already considered as such by most civilized counties in the world. And even one of the most powerful ministers of the Chavez period, Jorge Giordani  - now in disgrace – refers to Maduro and his combo as the “the laughing stock of the hemisphere”. It took Giordani years what it took us days to realize: that the Chavez/Maduro government was a total and unmitigated disaster.   Their average IQ is so low that the national average improves noticiably every time they take a trip.

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I would think the US would attack Canada if it were looking to steal oil. Nicer, closer country that speaks the same language. How will they go about it? Will they fill up a few billion barrels as fast as they can and run away? If they want to steal it, why do they buy it every day? The leftists have been screaming about an imminent yanqui invasion for 50-75 years now. How long does it take?