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The Venezuelan Armed Forces have helped to establish a state of terror in the country

A message to the world about Venezuela
***The Venezuelan armed forces have helped to establish a state of terror in the country

In addition to prominent members of the Venezuelan armed forces being accused and, even, sanctioned by the U.S. government for their association with with drug trafficking. Besides the President of the National Assembly, Captain Diosdado Cabello, being accused by a former body guard who escaped to the U.S., of being the head of the drug cartel called “The Cartel of the Suns” (the suns refer to the symbols of military rankings which are worn by officers in their epaulettes). In addition to the deeply unconstitutional posture of the Minister of Defense, General V. Padrino Lopez, who has declared his unconditional loyalty to the revolution, the Venezuelan Armed Forces have recently structured a military plan ostensibly designed to fight smuggling and hoarding of good in the country, but which is – in reality – a powerful instrument of repression against the Venezuelan private sector. This secret plan, leaked to daily newspaper “El Nacional” has 22 pages and is signed by General Padrino Lopez and consists of a directive to the National Commander of the Venezuelan National Guard, Major General Gabriel Oviedo for the establishment of the plan.
In this plan it is assumed that private owners of industry, commercial distributors, merchants and, even, the so-called members of the informal economy or street peddlers, are part of a vast net of enemies of the state and that, as such, should be the object of vigilance, repression and harsh treatment. The plan calls for the installation of 24 military regional commands, plus a Central Command of the so-called People’s Guards (a paramilitary organization), plus a Coastal Vigilance Command, and an Air force group. There are also divisions for Mining Vigilance and Special police, all with the objective of “maintaining the domestic order and counter the attacks of what President Maduro likes to call “The Economic War”.
The plan is also designed to "fight" petroleum illegal product extraction from Venezuela into Colombia as well as hoarding, which they most blame merchants for. Paradoxically, it is the National Guard the organization that most Venezuelans blame for the illegal extraction of oil products across the Venezuelan borders, working in combination with corrupt petroleum company managers. Recently, two of these managers, brother and sister, have been detained, being caught red handed in smuggling activities.  

These military and para-military organizations will conduct vigilance and follow up operations, will supervise the production activities of the industries, will conduct investigations about imports, storage and distribution of basic foods, among other activities.
 In addition to these structures the plan includes the use in intelligence operations of the so-called “Cooperating Patriots”, allied to the revolution. This is no more than a spy organization, similar to the Cuban “Defenders of the Revolution”, informers, stool pigeons. Venezuelan society has become degraded, engaged in an abominable class struggle promoted by the regime. The stool pigeons are instructed to denounce suspicious activity of any kind, which opens the doors to a state of terror.
The Plan also calls for an Intelligence Central Room for the follow up and processing of all the material generated by the informers, possibly with the help of Cuban "advisers".
This plan is already being implemented and one of its first actions was the closure of the popular markets “Dia a Dia”, Day to Day, and the imprisonment of their main directors, a group of middle class Venezuelans who have an excellent reputation as honest merchants. The legal representative of this company says there is no justification for this measure, except as an act of harassment of the private sector.  All activities of this company had been duly authorized by the government prior to its abrupt take over.
This military-paramilitary organization is part of the police state which the current Venezuelan political regime has installed in the country. Venezuelans are under a despicable dictatorship, which is supported by a group of the military involved in drug trafficking.
Venezuela has become a rogue state and the international community and democratic governments of the world should no longer delude themselves about its abusive, corrupt and illegitimate nature. 
I have collected much background information about the corruption, the abuse of power and the illegitimacy of this regime, in case anyone is interested. 

Only good guys, please.

Gustavo Coronel

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Anónimo dijo...

The communists are now ready again to commit massacres. They have made that intention clear. The people have no physical means to fight this tyranny. The only hope may be to flee and establish opposition movements in other countries like Colombia.

Jacob Sulzbach dijo...

I think I agree with Anónimo directly above me.

It may be that the time has come to give up on the process of peaceful change in Venezuela and to establish an opposition movement from outside the country--Colombia is the obvious location--to pursue justifiable goals using means other than dialog, which has become a joke under the guidance of UNASUR.

And it may be worth commenting here that, as things deteriorate in Venezuela, the culpability of UNASUR for failing to hold the Venezuelan government accountable to a process of genuine dialog should be remembered.

Anónimo dijo...

Venezuela has been kidnapped by a group of civilians and militaroids, all un worthy of Simon Bolivar's freedom legacy.
The extremely corrupt, criminal and un-patriotic team has stolen the wealth of the nation, has created personal insecurity and scarcity in this apparently rich nation. They all cover each other's back by abusing the law for their dark purposes. The military and the high ranking chavistas give themselves high pay raises, well above the national average so they can keep the power by buying loyalties. Most disappointing of all has been the automatic solidarity of most of the Latin American governments to this Criminal regime. We can only appeal to them and to the civilized world to help us get rid of these criminals.