miércoles, 10 de junio de 2015

Planting acetaminophen in Venezuela: a patriotic effort


Nicolas Maduro regime planning to plant Acetaminophen
A member of the Venezuelan regime political party has just proposed to her followers planting acetaminophen, given that this pain killer cannot be found in Venezuelan drug stores. The Nicolas Maduro government has been very reluctant to import U.S. manufactured medicines, due to their strong nationalistic stance.

 The lady making the proposition is Rona del Valle Gomez, an attractive University professor. She feels that if imports of the drug are not forthcoming, Venezuelans can resort to planting it. She firmly believes that this is possible. Planting acetaminophen, she says, will allow families to harvest it, as a purely Venezuelan activity, independently from the imperialistic forces of evil. 

President Maduro plants the first 100% Venezuelan Acetaminophen crop. 

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