domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

The illegitimate Venezuelan regime and some Latin American political invertebrates


1.      The interpretation given by the Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal of Justice to the absence of Hugo Chavez on January 10th is a legal absurdity, as analyzed by numerous Venezuelan jurists (see names as Appendix 1). This corrupt organism denied there was a temporal absence of the president (who has been away for more than 30 days from the country, possibly in a coma) and they have even refused to let an independent Medical Team to examine Hugo Chavez in order to validate the scanty information being given by the regime. 

2.      The National Assembly, although made up of 42 percent opposition members, refused to name any opposition member in its Board of Directors (Junta Directiva) and met the nominees of the opposition with insults when they met on January 8th to elect the Board.

3.      On the 10th, an event was organized by the regime in which the people attending were asked to take the oath instead of Chavez, not only a mockery but a violation of the constitution. In this event Presidents Ortega, Morales and Mujica gave speeches. In his speech, applauded by Nicolas Maduro and the other illegitimate oficers of the regime, Ortega called the members of the opposition “putrid animal meat, vultures and puppets”, the type of insults that had never been made against Venezuelans by a president visiting our country. President Mujica is now being accused in his country of lying to Congress as to the real nature of his visit to Caracas since he had asked for permission to attend the inauguration of a president, not a political rally. The members of PETROCARIBE and ALBA, organizations of a commercial nature, met in Caracas and signed a declaration supporting the illegitimate regime and browbeating the opposition.

4.      January 11th, only hours after the grotesque “inauguration” event Secretary General of the OAS, Jose Miguel Insulza, came out in favor of the illegitimate regime, saying that his organization agreed and accepted the decision taken by the Venezuelan institutions. This statement was made in spite of his knowing the non-autonomous nature of those institutions, without consulting his legal advisers, without talking to the Venezuelan opposition and in obvious complicity with the illegitimate regime. He should be expelled from his post for acting in this high-handed manner.

5.      Today, the Venezuelan regime amounts to little more than a Cuban regency. A Mexican diplomat, Jorge Castañeda affirms that the man calling the shots in Venezuela is Cuban Ramiro Valdes ( ).

6.      The country is paralyzed. Nicolas Maduro does not have authority to govern since the decree giving him partial authorization fails to cover essential matters of state. 

7.      Foodstuffs are increasingly absent from the markets. The country is entering a chaotic situation.


The international community has to be aware of these and many other tragic developments taking place today in our country.



Appendix 1

Partial list of Venezuelan Jurists and Constitutional experts who reject the absurd decision of the Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal of Justice.

Gerardo Fernández, Gustavo Briceño Vivas, Gustavo Grau Fortoul, Gustavo Tarre Briceño, Humberto Angrisano Silva, Humberto Njai, Jesús María Casal Hernández, Jorge Kiriakidis, José Vicente Haro, José Ignacio Hernández G., José Antonio Muci Borjas, José Peña Solís, Juan Domingo Alfonzo Paradisi, Laura Louza, Luis Alfonso Herrera Orellana, Manuel Rachadell, Manuel Rojas Pérez, Pedro Afonso del Pino, Rafael J. Chavero Gazdik

Ricardo Antela Garrido, Rogelio Pérez Perdomo, Román Duque Corredor, Serviliano Abache Carvajal, Tomás Arias Castillo.


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Jacob Sulzbach dijo...

Will it do any good if I point out that in the midst of all this we see the utter uselessness of the so-called Inter-American Democratic Charter?

I thought not.