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Roy Chaderton Matos: a pitiful human specimen

Roy Chaderton: a pitiful human specimen



This pitiful human specimen called Roy Chaderton Matos, a bureaucrat in the payroll of the Cuban puppets who hold the power in Venezuela, has just said the following:


“Besides the failed street coup in Venezuela there are reports of protests such as the one held here in Washington, financed by the United States government”.  


This miserable human being refers to a Venezuelan protest held today, February 19, in front of the OAS main building, the cave where he hides. I participated in this protest from 11 a.m. until about 1 p.m. and left it while it was in full swing. When I returned home, I read what this miserable being had said.

I attended this magnificent civic protest and had the opportunity to see, on the other side of the street, a group of about 12 persons, all waving identical banners, obviously made by a specialized Company, in support of the Venezuelan regime. It was evident that this group was made up of mercenaries paid by the Venezuelan regime to disrupt our protest, an attempt that failed. Who could have paid these mercenaries?   

In the crowd I was surrounded by the young and the very young, by mothers and small children and, even by a few seniors such as myself, more than 300 people at the time I left. We had come to demand that the OAS activates the Democratic Inter American Chart to deal with the Venezuelan tragedy. The mercenaries on the other side of the street limited themselves to throw insults at us. No one in that group seemed to know the words of the Venezuelan national anthem.

Chaderton, let me say this to you: You are a miserable liar. To say that we got paid by the U.S. governmemt to attend this protest is despicable. It is impossible for you to fall any lower. Every one of us prepared our banners at home. My daughter and I paid $12 for the materials to make ours. All of us, protesting in front of the OAS today, were free Venezuelans, quite a difference from the mercenaries howling on the other side of the street. They carried, I repeat, professionally made banners, all identical in appearance. Fortunately there is plenty of graphic evidence on this and there were many journalists covering the event.


Roy Chaderton Matos, you are a miserable person.

Since I live in Washington I challenge you to debate publicly about our allegations or about any other topic related to our country. Choose the place.

 Although, coming to think of it, debating is a civilized act. What you would  really deserve is a good kick in the pants.


Publicado por Gustavo Coronel

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Bill Wingfeld dijo...

Gustavo, I loved your post. My wife was up there from Richmond today and had also taken pictures of that group across the street: she thought they were paid Mexicans.

Corresponsal dijo...

Estimado Gustavo. Extraordinario escrito, que me llena del mismo optimismo con que líderes como tú me insuflaron el propósito de formar parte de la Industria Petrolera en aquellos días de los tempranos 70. No olvido la referencia que, en aquellos años, significó tu defensa, aun con alto costo personal, de la dignidad de la dirigencia petrolera frente a los pretendidos atropellos del poder político. Esa temprana defensa de la tecnocracia, significó mucho para Venezuela, en mi opinión.
Leyéndote ahora, veo que la chispa sigue viva y me congratulo de que hayan venezolanos de tu estatura.
Sigue así. Es inspirador.
Carlos Quintana.

Anónimo dijo...

Parafraseando a Dale Carnegie, "Su miseria solo es superada por su miseria"

Unknown dijo...

Ya pasaron esa etapa hace mucho rato, los personajes del gobierno venezolano son unos delincuentes, asesinos y complices de asesinos.