sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016

Donald Trump should resign his candidacy

What does it take for the Republican Party to withdraw its support to Donald Trump? I found it unacceptable that Ted Cruz would support him, in spite of all he said about him during the primaries. Marco Rubio lost much of his appeal when he endorsed Trump. Although several respectable Republican leaders broke away from him, the party kept its support in the face of mounting evidence of the man’s uncouth personality. He insisted in picking a fight with a former Miss Universe, whom he had called Miss Piggy and Miss House Keeping. He insulted Latins, he was rude to Blacks and called himself a financial genius for not paying taxes. What was the Republican Party waiting for?
Maybe they were waiting for the 2005 tape unearthed hours ago by the Washington Post, in which Trump talks to an equally loutish buddy about his approach to seduce women, particularly married women. He claims that being a celebrity (famous for being famous) allows him to be aggressive and to get what he wants. His choice of  words would make a whorehouse madam blush. 
His apology has been typical of the man. He says that this event happened years ago, when he was still immature (he was a “tender” 60 year- old then) and that Bill Clinton had said worse things. Well, a man who is still immature at 60 has no business trying to be president of the United States. As for Bill Clinton, we all know he is morally deficient but he is not currently running for president.
Now what? The second presidential debate is coming up tomorrow night. I sincerely believe that Trump should not show up for it. If he does not take this step on his own, Republican Party leaders should officially announce that Trump no longer has their support. This would be the only way that the party could preserve its good name, already damaged by its association with the candidate.
I am an independent with strong Republican affinities and believe the Republican Party should act now, before it gets dragged down into the deeps of discredit by Trump’s troglodytic maelstrom.  

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No, no, no! A lo hecho, PECHO! No abortions here, that baby must be brought to term.