domingo, 25 de mayo de 2008


While our poor slept in the streets....
Londoners received Chavez's subsidies.....

The new London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has said that the Hugo Chavez propaganda scheme, which consists of providing London buses with cheap Venezuelan diesel oil, will not be renovated. The agreement only lasted one year. In England many sensible citizens opposed this agreeement since it was perceived as a propaganda stunt of Chavez, done at the expense of millions of poor Venezuelans.

This decision by the new London Mayor is probably the first in a long series of actions that will be taken at home and abroad to dismantle Hugo Chavez's criminal undertakings. The day after Chavez is ousted, the regime he created will start to be taken apart, starting with the name given by Chavez to the country, the flag, the coat of arms, the ridiculous new names he gave to old public works, the salute of the armed forces (Fatherland, Socialism or Death!), the agreement to send cheap oil to Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, etc, etc. All of this will disappear like a bad dream immediately after Chavez goes back to whatever he was doing before he came in power. From Cuba, North Korea, Iran , Zimbabwe or where he might be, he will witness the progressive dismantling of his grotesque empire

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