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Roy S. Carson visited Venezuela, all expenses paid... in the honeymoon phase

Roy S. Carson is the editor of a website called Vheadline.com (don’t open it, unless you want to get swamped with all kinds of Spam and viruses). This gentleman has been, off and on, in the payroll of the Chavez regime. Apparently, however, he has often been the victim of some of the gangsters that hold administrative positions in the Chavez's regime, who have failed to pay him in time or would like to do it with soft Venezuelan currency that buys very little in the U.K. , where Mr. Carson lives. Therefore, he feels obliged to protest but he does it in such a manner that Chavez is never made responsible for the bureaucratic snafus. Much to the contrary Chavez is, according to Carson, a wonderful blend of Simon Bolivar with Martin Luther King. Carson has recently published a masterpiece of adulation that makes Venezuelan professionals of this art, such as Carlos Escarra or Francisco Arias Cardenas, pale with envy.
Some of the things Mr. Carson says in his cowering manifest include:
“Elements within the government are probably keeping Chavez so occupied that he doesn’t have time to deal with details although he is a workaholic”.
This means that Chavez himself is immaculate and his collaborators are the ones who are incompetent. I wonder who decides to name these collaborators and who is ultimately responsible for the dismal moral quality of government bureaucrats during the last nine years.
… “Chavez plight is made all the worse by the fact that while he is making every effort to govern by the democratic book…”
His efforts to govern by the democratic book must include, according to Carson, the total lack of transparency and accountability in the use of national resources, the prostitution of the armed forces, the politicization of PDVSA, the high levels of corruption among his relatives, the political indoctrination of Venezuelan children, the rejection of his defeat in the December 2007 referendum, his failed attempt at becoming president for life, his alignment with the Colombian narcoterrorists and his prodigality in giving the money that belongs to us Venezuelans to political gangsters Castro, Morales and Ortega.
…. “Venezuela is blighted with corruption, indolence and infiltration at various embassies and consulates around the world and it makes a mockery of everything that President Hugo Chavez stands for…”.
Again, “poor” President Chavez is, according to Carson, a victim of his corrupt and incompetent collaborators. It does not matter that he is the one taking all decisions on personnel, government policies and actions. Carson claims that he simply does not know what is happening around him.
“The list of victims of Venezuela’s current descent into political mayhem … begins with Hugo Rafael Chavez himself and ends with the millions of grassroots Venezuelans who have caught sight of the Promised Land which they have not yet reached. Like Moses Chavez has had the best of intentions for his people…. those nearest to him have betrayed him…”
In this paragraph Carson reaches the top of his sycophantic capabilities. He develops in more detail the familiar theme: the blame lies elsewhere. Corruption, incompetence, ignorance, indolence, despotism, nepotism, neglect, insensitivity, egocentrism, personality cult, disdain for the opinions of Venezuelans, aggressiveness and vulgarity as a political style, all of these traits are present in treacherous followers, never in Chavez.
“Like Moses, President Hugo Chavez Frias may never reach the Promised Land…. maybe an assassin’s bullet will reach him before he can fulfill his life’s ambition…”.
I would like to know what this “promised land” Carson mentions really mean. It would also be good to know what Carson calls “Chavez life’s ambition”. All evidence available to Venezuelans today points to Chavez trying to install in our country a socialist state, like Cuba, with all its misery and suffering for the people. Carson talks a good game about democracy but, being paid by Chavez, he has ended up, like so many mercenaries before him, justifying a despot’s rape of democracy. What a sad ole to play!
“Personally, I hope that President Hugo Chavez Frias is allowed to complete his life’s work and that the grassroots people of Venezuela will ensure a significant place for him in the history books alongside El Libertador Simon Bolivar”.
How is this for ass kissing? In Venezuela we say: “Jala [bolas] pero no te guindes”, or pull [testicles] but do not cling, when we read something as obsequious as this. If Chavez completes his “life work” as his employee would like him to do, we Venezuelans are doomed. He has already largely ruined our country and only a corrupt minority, are reaping the material benefits. Industry is largely destroyed, agriculture has essentially disappeared (food imports are at a record high in Venezuela, mostly from Colombia), mining (Carson is one of Crystallex’s widowers) is largely gone, oil production is down, foreign companies are being confiscated, food is scarce, planes are falling off the sky, crime is rampant, inflation is the highest in Latin America, unemployment and inequality have not subsided, the army is breaking down, public administration is in the hands of ignorant and incompetent, the environment is seriously degraded, the regime is growing isolated. Obviously this is not the Venezuela we Venezuelans desire. This is the Venezuela that mercenaries like Roy S. Carson has helped to create.

Human misery and moral depravity are some of the byproducts of Hugo Chavez’s tragic presidency. Roy S. Carson is just one example of the Chavez's regime massive moral collapse but there are many more.

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Anónimo dijo...

Gracias for writing this. I used to read Vheadline when I was first learning about Venezuela. But the adulation for Chávez was demasiada, too much for any mortal human. If you have more to tell, please do. I'm curious about what does Carson have to gain from such boot-licking?

Anónimo dijo...

Now why did I not suspect that this group of Venezuelan sell-outs was working for the U.S Bureau of Propaganda based at the White House. This is just a bunch of Venez-vichyites pretending to be Venezuelan patriots.

Don't worry they collect their paychecks from Washington, DC but only accept U.S. Dollars. At some point you will no longer be of any use to the Yanqui masters and then they will send a U.S. Special Forces Unit to kill you all as they at the base in Suriname.

Remember your loyal was for sale to the highest bidder the U.S. and in a manner of speaking you are nothing more than a bunch of pimps for U.S. imperialism.

elsoberanomanda dijo...

You're losing it, Gus.
VHeadline is out of the cyberspace since october 2006... and you're still scared of it?
Yeah, Gus, I know how much you fear truth: it makes your life hard. It makes you write overtime.
VHeadline used to be an open window on Venezuela's realities, good and bad. And now you're waiting to buy it to spread your master's guidelines.
What a pitiful way to waste what's left of your life. I guess you don't have any mirrors at your place in... where was it, Virginia? The place you went running, hiding from venezuelan justice and your paranoia after some affairs in Margarita?
Shame on you, Gus. Being on the payroll of a foreign country to act against your own is betrayal, let me spell that again, see:
Taste that word in your mouth. It means YOU.
Franco Munini.

Anónimo dijo...

Problem for el Coronel: The USA, his neo-liberal model ain't doin' so hot.

Anónimo dijo...

Roy S. Carson is obviously having a significant pro-Chavez effect. I read with glee that they have nationalised a large steel company. Pity it hurts the Argentinians rather than the gringos.

Anónimo dijo...

Roy S. Carson came to Vzla when CAP was still president. He tried to get a job at The Daily Journal and failed. He was living with a Swedish diplomat at the time whom he met while living and working in Sweden. She had a wonderful job at the foreign ministry in Stockholm but had to request an outside posting after Mr Carson began writing all these conspiracy tales for outside publications about a government coverup in Olaf Palme's 1986 murder. He harped so much on the issue that he was politely asked to leave to leave Sweden. After failed attempt to write anything reasonable from Venezuela, Carson got into the whiskey importing business. He had some legal trouble in the island of Margarita because of import issues. When Chávez took power, he started vHeadline.

Anónimo dijo...

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