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Derwick-PDVSA turbines deal (Part II)

In link http://www.scribd.com/tomaslander  I found the other document I referred to in my previous note on Derwick and PDVSA. This is the contract under which Derwick buys the equipment from Energy Parts Solution at a cost which is $70 million lower than what they charge PDVSA. The document has the following link:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/240867671/Guiso-Derwick-Energy-Parts-Solutions-el-contrato-con-EPS .
Again, the least we Venezuelans can do is to ask for the investigation of potential improprieties in the management of our money and national resources. This is what I am doing, asking the Venezuelan authorities for an investigation of this case that sounds very simple to analyze.
From the examination of this document it would seem that  Derwick did not use a cent of their own money. It received $277 million payment from PDVSA and paid the U.S. company $207 million, minus their “commission” of $70 million. I have all the rights to request this investigation because during my 27.5 years at the service of the Venezuelan oil industry I never saw anything like this. I can understand that Beyoncé makes this kind of money in a year or that Miguel Cabrera gets $70 million for several years from playing baseball every day. But as an oil manager I know that, if true, this transaction looks  veryyyyyyy wrong and should not go without a proper investigation.  
I will apologize in any language if I am wrong.

An interesting aspect of the contract is Annex A, at the end. The turbines are all used and/or refurbished. They are not even new turbines. Please pray with us:

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