jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2015

Foreign Policy: poor journalism, solidarity with a dictatorial regime - or both?

FOREIGN POLICY, a new member? 
The case of the article written in Foreign Policy about Leopoldo Lopez, see: http://foreignpolicy.com/2015/07/27/the-making-of-leopoldo-lopez-democratic-venezuela-opposition/ has grown more and more complicated and the details that emerge are not precisely favorable to the magazine. The article was:
1.      Written by a leftist activist called Roberto Lovato
2.       Financed by the Nation Institute, a center of fellow travelers, without Lovato meeting the requirements the organization usually stipulates before financing a report. Did they have the assurance that FP would publish this piece? It would be good to hear what the Nation Institute has to say in this respect, other than wildly celebrating Lovato’s macabre piece in The Nation, see:  "Leopoldo Lopez Is Not Venezuela’s Savior”, by “ chavista” Greg Grandin, in July 29, 2015, part of the Venezuelan regime’s promoted campaign against Lopez.
3.      Written while the author was engaged in paid work by TELESUR, the Venezuelan television station owned by, and used as, a propaganda vehicle for the abusive and corrupt regime of deceased Hugo Chavez, now replaced by his former protégée Nicolas Maduro. See:

4.      Published as a PROFILE in Foreign Policy (later on, the title PROFILE was eliminated, as controversy surrounding the piece grew). A PROFILE is given a special niche in the magazine and is designed to produce an impact – positive or negative – about a person. A professional PROFILE requires both sound research and an interview with the person being profiled. This piece by Lovato failed to meet these two requirements.
5.      Published by Foreign Policy without a proper checking of Lovato’s conflict of interest. One of the first questions that are cleared by a magazine is that of a possible conflict of interest, especially in the case of an article clearly biased in favor or against the person profiled.  The author of the piece was being paid by Leopoldo Lopez’s jailers and this association existed during all or most of the months the author took to write the hatchet job. And FP did not ask him! Or did not care to find out.
6.       Clearly part of a wider network of attacks against Leopoldo Lopez, as it can  be seen by the concerted coverage of this piece in vehicles such as www.aporrea.org, www.venezuelanalysis.com, The Nation, Telesur, www.axisoflogic.com and many other outlets for the narco- regime. In this manner, Foreign Policy becomes, willy nilly, part of this vast network of aggressors against freedom and democracy.

The prestige of Foreign Policy has suffered a severe blow due to this unfortunate publication of Lovato’s piece and the manner in which the propaganda network of the regime has utilized its good name  to claim the publication as one of their own. In Spanish there is saying: “The passenger can be evaluated by his suitcase”. Due to this affair Foreign Policy seems to have mutated from being a  Louis Vuitton suitcase  to a bag bought at a Military Surplus Store. 

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Andres Valencia dijo...

Thanks, Gustavo Coronel. Good article.
This is not the FP of Moises Naim anymore.
My answer is both.

Fernando Leanme dijo...

Te lo voy a commentar en castellano, y voy a ser sincero, los señores de FP están preparando el terreno para dejar a López abandonado. Para la elite que controla FP el pobre López es desechable. No quieren que Obama tenga la obligación de decir ni pío. Ya están dispuestos a dejar al pueblo cubano en la esclavitud, y ahora se preparan para hacer lo mismo con los venezolanos.

Andres Valencia dijo...

Te leo, Fernando, y creo que desafortunadamente tienes razón, como Gustavo Coronel; Foreign Policy se ha hecho parte de una vasta red de agresores contra la libertad y la democracia.
La izquierda quiere salvar cara no dando la cara. Los falsos defensores "liberales" de los derechos humanos, ni son liberales, ni defienden nada que los aleje de su meta: el socialismo (del siglo XIX, XX, o XXI, no importa).

Luis Rincones dijo...

La cárcel que sufre Leopoldo ha sido fabricada en buena parte por todos y cada uno de los Venezolanos que hayan apoyado a este engendro llamado Chavismo.

Andres Valencia dijo...

Venezuela Jails Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez for 14 Years
"Hugo Chavez called himself the 'son of Bolivar" and called his form of communism "Bolivarianism", even going so far as to add "Bolivarian" to the name of the country," says Russ Dallen, head of investment bank Caracas Capital Markets. "In a country where the ruling party has made a cult of worshiping Bolivar, nothing scares the government more than a well-educated, charismatic leader who actually is a Bolivar descendant."

CARACAS -- Late Thursday night, a Venezuelan judge found opposition leader and former Mayor Leopoldo Lopez guilty of public incitement to violence and criminal association and sentenced him to 13 years and nine months in prison.

From http://laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=2396242&CategoryId=10717