domingo, 22 de septiembre de 2013

A government made up of criminals cannot be succesful

A Sunday reflection
A poster produced by the opposition contrasts our heroes, above, with the gang, below. It reads: (Heroes) gave their lives to give us a fatherland. (Gang) surrendered their fatherland to live well.
Honest people in government usually obtains good results. A government of gangsters rarely will.  If the government is made up of a portion of bureaucrats with a criminal record we face potential disaster. The government of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro has had a number of collaborators with murky credentials. I will not waste my time asking that these persons be investigated or  punished but I believe is useful to repeat, time after time, that a government with members such as those is doomed to failure.  

1.      Hugo Chávez Frías was president for 14 years. As an active member of the armed forces he led a coup against the democratic presidency of Carlos Andres Perez. By his own admission he told the soldiers he brought to the coup that they were going to a parade. He took them to die and he chose to remain behind instead of leading the charge.  This coup caused more than 100 innocent lives. He had blood in his hands and he was proud of it. When president he instituted the day of this coup as a “national festivity”.  

2.      Diosdado Cabello, Pedro Carreño, Francisco Arias Cardenas,  Jesse Chacón, Luis Acosta Carlez, among others, accompanied him in this coup and also had blood in their hands and committed an act of treason against the Venezuelan constitution.

3.      Adina Bastidas, vice president of the republic at one time was caught by the Caracas police in the 1960’s robbing a lady of her savings at gun point at the doors of a bank. Source: daily newspaper El Universal

4.      Freddy Bernal, Mayor of Caracas, led a band of robbers in Caracas, also in the 1960’s. Source: daily newspaper El Universal. Lately he has been named as a collaborator of drug traffickers by the U.S. government

5.      Alí Rodríguez Araque,  minister several times, president of state oil company, ambassador. He was a terrorist in the 1960’s, expert in explosives, tried to destroy valuable national assets. Known as Comandante Fausto during his terrorist days.  

6.      Carlos Lanz, president of aluminum company ALCASA and one of the ideologues of the regime. He was the leading kidnapper of U.S. businessman William Niehous in 1976 and was sent to prison for this crime 

7.      Clodosbaldo Russian, former general Comptroller, deceased. Urban terrorist who was sent to prison and escaped, never paying for his crimes.

8.      Elias Jaua, vice president of the republic and minister of the Interior. Guerrilla member of the Americo Silva Front. Terrorist in the University of Caracas, where he destroyed buses. He was rejected by Argentina when proposed as ambassador. Source:

9.      Tarek El Aisami,  minister several times. Terrorist at University. Contact with Hezbollah.  Father is a Taliban and was representative in Venezuela of the Baath Party. Corruption in the family.

10.   Ramón Rodríguez Chacín. Minister of the Interior under Chavez. Contact with the Colombian terrorist narco-group FARC. Named by the U.S. government as collaborator of drug traffickers. con

11.   Hugo Carvajal.  Top intelligence officer of the government. Named by the U.S. government as collaborator of drug traffickers.

12.   Henry Rangel Silva. Former minister of defense. Governor. Named by the U.S. government as collaborator of drug traffickers.

13.   General Alcalá Cordones, also named by the U.S. government as collaborator off drug traffickers. The source for 11, 12 and 13 is:

14.   Isaías Rodríguez. Former vice president of the republic and Attorney General (Fiscal General). Person of interest in the murder of Danilo Anderson.  As Attorney General he produced false witnesses to throw the Anderson case into confusion.  

15.   Alejandro Andrade, Tobias Nóbrega. Finance top collaborators of the regime, Andrade former Treasurer and openly living as a millionaire, Nóbrega named as guilty of corruption while minister, in the Florida trial of Carlos Kauffman. Source:
16. Cilia Flores, wife of current "president" Nicolas Maduro. She employed over 30 relatives in the Venezuelan National Assembly.

This list is very partial and serves only to indicate that there are top collaborator of the regime have questionable credentials. Other collaborators arrived without known transgressions and are now deeply immersed in corruption, such as PDVSA’s president Rafael Ramirez. We can see how Hugo Chavez arrived to the presidency with this gang and opened the doors of the national treasury for them. The crime against the nation has been immense.



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