martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

Gross overcharge in Venezuelan Energy projects is denounced by Venezuelan energy expert

This chart can be read by clicking and selecting original size, (I hope).
Alek Boyd interviews Venezuelan energy expert José Aguilar in This information is of extreme gravity, as it should lead to a major investigation of the manner in which the Venezuelan government conducts its contracting with private firms. The overcharge of up to 200 percent over the fair price, according to Aguilar, could represent a loss to the nation of some $23 billion, much of this money presumably going into the pockets of corrupt negotiators for the government. I have no knowledge that will substantiate this claim but have no doubt that the matter should be investigated.  
The point is: who will investigate the possible existence of this enormous fraud to the nation?  No Venezuelan institution today is impartial or under honest management. I admire the courage of Jose Aguilar and Alek Boyd in bringing this to the attention of the national and international public opinion. The list of international firms is impressive and they could probably shed light on this claim. It is certainly a matter of enormous importance for Venezuela.

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