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He posed as an American Indian. He was lying.


Eva Golinger, one of the early specimens collected by Hugo Chavez for the expanding U.S./U.K. section of his menagerie, proudly announced the arrival in Caracas of the newest exhibit: Ward Churchill. This new specimen arrived after Chavez had already collected Kevin Spacey, Noemi Campbell, Sean Penn and the lucky receiver of a $20 million donation, Danny Glover. Past acquisitions have included London’s red Mayor Ken Livingstone (given gasoline by Chavez), Don King (the wrong King), Jesse Jackson (decorated by Chavez), Cindy Sheehan (kissed by Chavez), Joseph Kennedy (given fuel oil by Chavez), Harry Belafonte and Bill Fletcher (from TransAfrica forum), Ramsey Clark (Hussein’s lawyer) and minor catches such as Kathleen Cleaver, former wife of Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver (she kept the name) and poets Amiri and wife Amina Baraka (a.k.a Lydia Robinson). This bunch occupies an impressive hall of exhibits, close to the African Hall, led by Robert Mugabe, the Asian Hall led by Kim IL Sung and the Middle Eastern Hall led by Ahmadinejad.

Venezuelans have a proverb: “God creates them and they come together”. The rogue and red president of Venezuela can only hope to attract very odd specimens to his side. Ward Churchill is a case in point.
He appears to be a U.S. Indian but he is not. He is an impostor. He claimed to be a member of the Ketoowah Cherokee tribe but this proved to be a lie. The Indian movement ousted him because of his lie and he retaliated by assaulting its leader, Carol Standing Elk, spitting on her face while an accomplice broke her wrist. A genealogical study made on Churchill revealed that he did not have any Indian blood although he pretended to be called Kenis, a Ketoowah Indian name. The tribe has exposed him as a liar.
Churchill graduated with a degree in “Communications” around 1978 from a university called Sangamon State, an experimental, radical university in Illinois that opened only in 1970. Churchill seems to have been one of its earliest graduates. This university had to be taken over by the University of Illinois in 1995 so it could gain some respectability.
Hate of America has become Churchill’s life task. As a professor at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, he maintained that 9/11 was a positive event although he “lamented that it proved insufficient to accomplish the destruction of the United States”. He added: “What the hell? It was worth a try”. He called the victims of 9/11 “little Eichmans”.
In addition to a soul full of hate he is dishonest. The University of Colorado Board of Regents voted to fire him for plagiarism and general academic misconduct. He is an impostor, as proven not only for his posing as an American Indian but also by his chronic attempts at appropriating work by other professors such as Fay Cohen.
This is the ideal specimen to join Chavez’s gang in Venezuela. He will feel at home surrounded by specimens as macabre he is. He was in Caracas to talk about the topic: “Is revolution possible in the United States?” The view he shared with the other specimens: Yes, but I it needs some massive stimulation.
Obviously he hopes that enough stimulation can be furnished by Chavez’s oil money and, no doubt, he would be prepared to act as Chavez’s agent in the U.S. What a nasty piece of work!

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His raising his arm and making a fist and having an angry expression on his face tells his story.

Gustavo Coronel dijo...

it sure does, John