martes, 13 de noviembre de 2007


Shameless former Venezuelan Vice-president Jose Vicente Rangel recently quoted in his TV program a phantom polling company called North American Opinion Research, as predicting a victory for Hugo Chavez in the referendum that would be made December 2, 2007, to decide if Chavez dictatorial pretensions are confirmed by the people. According to this “company” Chavez would get 52% of the votes and the opposition 32% of the votes, with only a 16% of the voters abstaining. Rangel has already lost all remaining prestige and credibility in Venezuela, due to his cynical and dishonest attitudes during the period he served Chavez’s regime. The company he quotes is a murky outfit owned by two gentlemen called Julio Makaren and Ricardo Valbuena, financial contributors to the Chavez regime and, in exchange, contractors of PDVSA and other government agencies through companies such as PetroTulsa and North American Opinion Research. Although owned by these two Venezuelans the polling company calls itself an “American” company and gives a Florida address that is apparently shared with the oil contractor PetroTulsa, according to Alek Boyd’s analysis, 02-18, 2006):
“As it turns out NAOR was registered on 03/02/2004 by Alirio Valbuena (FEI Number 201163145). Kaysa Makarem appears to be NAOR's secretary, the company operates from address 1549 NE 123 ST, NORTH MIAMI FL 33161. Kaysa Makarem, presumably with his brother Julio Makaren (note different ending in last names), are the registered officers of PETROTULSA R.L. CORP., which operates from the very same address 1549 NE 123 ST, NORTH MIAMI FL 33161.”
Among other “successes” this company predicted an overwhelming victory for…. Ollanta Humala in Peru, where the electoral fraud could not be made, in spite of the dedication of Jorge Rodriguez. As a result Humala was defeated. The company also shares an office in Caracas with PetroTulsa where, TAL CUAL reported in 2002, friends of the regime hang out. TALCUAL speaks of Valbuena and Makaren as two dealers in previous governments, now riding the Chavez bandwagon. Boyd says this:
“Not only do NAOR and Petrotulsa share offices in Florida. In Caracas they share telephone lines, and obviously offices too. Ergo it does not surprise that a company -Petrotulsa- planning to construct a $2 billion oil refinery, and whose officials share responsibilities in its sister polling company NAOR, predicted 'successfully' the recall referendum results, and are now suggesting that 6 out of 10 Venezuelans will vote for Hugo Chavez in the next election, as reported by EFE. We're talking about $2 billion ladies and gents.”
A Venezuelan proverb says: “God creates them and they get together”. Rangel, Valbuena and Makaren are made for each other.

Valbuena and Makaren published a newspaper ad, full page, accusing us of attacking them. We have only reported the facts about these modern Vikings.

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