lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

Más sobre Snowden/More about Snowden

Snowden, champion of transparency in USA, seeks asylum in Nicaragua or Venezuela/Snowden, defensor de la transparencia en USA, busca asilo en Nicaragua o Venezuela

A very alert reader points out to me that Edward Snowden, a champion of liberty and transparency in USA, is seeking asylum in Nicaragua or Venezuela, not in Denmark, Finland or New Zealand, the three countries first in the list of the most free and transparent, according Transparency International. No. He seeks it in Russia, 133 in the ranking of 178 countries. Or in Nicaragua, 130 in the ranking, or in Venezuela, 165, near the bottom of the pit.
How strange, says my friend. And I agree.

Un lector muy perspicaz me hace notar que Edward Snowden, un campeón de la libertad y de la transparencia en USA, busca asilo en Nicaragua o Venezuela. No busca asilo en Dinamarca, Finlandia o Nueva Zelanda, los tres países más transparentes y libres del planeta, segun Transparencia Internacional. No. Lo busca en Rusia, número 133 en el ranking de 178 países, o en Nicaragua, número 130, o en Venezuela, número 165, casi en el foso del planeta.
Que raro, me dice mi amigo. Y yo concuerdo.

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Per Kurowski dijo...

Though in reality we do not know if Snowden asked for asylum in these nations, or if these champions of transparency offered it.

Whatever Mr Snowden has now got himself into a real fix.