miércoles, 20 de julio de 2016

The Human Rights Foundation informs about Venezuela

In https://humanrightsfoundation.org/infographic-repression-in-venezuela the Human Rights Foundation has collected an impressive amount of information about the Venezuelan political, economic and social situation. I hope this infographics can get maximum dissemination in English-speaking countries, in think tanks, human rights groups and universities around the world since it will help to weaken the myths about the government Venezuela has had during the last 17 years.
I hope a Spanish version of this document can be produced shortly.

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Jacob Sulzbach dijo...

The Human Rights Foundation has long been among the most respectable, transparent, and balanced of all the NGOs who monitor the state of human rights in the world as they really are, rather than presenting information that conforms with the political agendas of groups who have co-opted many other organizations to advance their particular interests, apart from human rights.  It took a long while for Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to come around to speak on the most obvious instances of repression in Venezuela, and AI has still not been able to separate itself from the Euro-Leftists who refuse to let go of Chavismo as a "hopeful scenario for development" (their words, not mine) for the Third World.  And I have not even begun to mention the absolute travesty in Human Rights monitoring that can be associated with the several organizations operating under United Nations auspices.

Unfortunately, the Human Rights Foundation will continue to pay the price for their politically incorrect approach to human rights advocacy in the world, and that is a real shame, because their "tell it like it is" agenda does not inspire the media in the same way as more culturally-focused groups like HRW and AI.

But we can at least take heart that the Human Rights Foundation is trying to get the truth out.  I wish them well.

Sledge dijo...

And what has the HRF accomplished, in reality, practically lately?

Much ado about nothing..

We've heard tal, and talk, and more talk for decades. What do these bureaucratic international outfits accomplish? Get a monthly paycheck for themselves, and do NOTHING, in fact, for people. Or please enlighten me as to their recent accomplishments.

Anónimo dijo...


Anónimo dijo...


alguien dijo: si se van a joder que se jodan por completo!

Gustavo dijo...

Human Rights Foundation is not a large organization . It is small but does a wonderful job. Among many other activities, It coordinates every year the Oslo Freedom Forum, in which human rights activists from all over the world meet. It has been called the Davos of Human Rights.
The main motor of this great organization is a young Venezuelan, Thor Halvorssen Jr. The things they do with the small amount of resources they have is pretty admirable.
For more detailed information, please enter their website.

Sledge dijo...

What exactly have they accomplished in real life, Gustavo? Have they fed people? Liberated political prisoners? Improved economic conditions anywhere? All they do is talk. And talk. Have they changed reality in Zimbabwe or Venezuela or Haiti or Mozambique or accomplished anything in Africa? Ask any Venezuelan if they know they even exist.

Be my guest, give me some results.. I just visited their website, it's pure idealism and rhetoric; zero results or good news.


Anonimo dijo...

FYI Alek Boyd claims "plagiarism". Melania RNC's speech case just came to my mind...