sábado, 1 de junio de 2013

The arrival of toilett paper in a Caracas market


The problem Venezuelans are facing  is tragically simple. Citizens cannot dream of a great society, of a great country,  unless they eat well and can wipe their asses. If these two basic requirements are not met all grandiose dreams of national glory will have to be postponed. Lo primero es lo primero. Abraham Maslow established a hierarchy of needs in which physiological needs had to be met before anything else could be attempeted. Once fed and adequately cleaned, man became concerned about his security. If solved he then looked for affection, on a one to one basis, from fellow human beings. Only then he became concerned about his social environment and the need to improve it.
In Venezuela man is still struggling with the first level of needs. Food is scarce and there is no toilet paper. How can we hope to think of lofty ideals?
We are near the bottom of the human scale. Not as bad as a few others but  much worse than the majority.

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