lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

The corrupt breaking away from the corrupt

Lula, former President of Brazil, was one of the strongest allies of Hugo Chavez while the corrupt Venezuelan autocrat was alive. Now he has changed his posture 180 degrees. He is not enjoying Chavez’s prodigality any longer and can afford to disavow him. In Peru, where is he is lobbying for the presidency of UNASUR he said: ““Yo le decía, Chávez, deja de hablar de Simón Bolívar, ya no hay integración con espada en la mano, sino con banco de desarrollo, con financiamiento, con tasa de interés”. Translated:Chavez, stop talking about Simon Bolivar, integration can no longer be done with the sword in hand but with a development bank, financing, interest rates”. This was received with great applause from the audience, made up of Brazilian and Peruvian businessmen.

Abandoning Chavez after he can longer be of use to him, Lula has proven that loyalty is not a frequent attribute of the corrupt.

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