martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Venezuelan ambassador to the OAS shows his poor moral texture


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A video (in Spanish): see, (Sociedad civil abandona encuentro con la OEA...), shows clearly the very weak moral texture of Mr. Roy Chaderton Matos, the ambassador of the Venezuelan regime to the OAS. In a Guatemala City meeting of the OAS with Latin American civil society, Mr. Chaderton Matos took the floor and, in open violation of the rules and spirit of the event, went on an insulting tirade, calling the young members of the civil society group terrorists, fascists, coupsters and other gross epithets in his obscene collection. He did this in presence of the colorless OAS Secretary General, Jose Miguel Insulza, the man who has driven the OAS into irrelevance.

The civil society group opted for retiring from the room, leaving a hateful Chaderton talking mostly to himself. Mr. Chaderton Matos is an old foreign service bureaucrat, who served democratic governments for many years and has now decided to serve the authoritarian Venezuelan regime with great eschatological enthusiasm. He has found a sympathetic niche in the OAS, where ambassadors from poor countries have found a manner to live ostentatiously, in great mansions and in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Chaderton Matos is the leader of a group of such diplomats, representing governments on the Venezuelan payroll: Bolivia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay, some Caribbean states, group that guarantees that the Venezuelan/Cuban regime is not effectively checked by the democratic countries of the hemisphere. Together with Secretary General Insulza, they have made sure that the OAS becomes useless. Under Insulza the organization has become a zombie, a place for long tournaments of empty words and laudatory exchanges of the type: I am OK, you are OK.  In other words, an incestuous  organization.    

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Per Kurowski dijo...

This Mr. Resentment, Roy Chaderton, given his background and education, is even a greater source of embarrassment and shame for us Venezuelans than a Mario Silva.

Clearly, he completely lacked someone loving him as a kid.

Jacob Sulzbach dijo...

I keep waiting and waiting to hear something good come out of the OAS.

Wake me up when it happens Gustavo.


Charly dijo...

Is it true that this comemierda was Opus Dei at one time. If true this show the moral pit the dude is in.